Ultimately, a Corrosion Management System is a documented set of processes and procedures required for planning, executing, and continually improving the ability of an organization to manage the threat of corrosion for existing and future assets.

Any oil and gas asset that is prone to corrosion should have a corrosion management system to protect against the consequences of corrosion. While most oil and gas companies do have some sort of corrosion maintenance and management program, the level of the program depends on factors such as size, location, and budget. Corrosive threats should be eased to a point where the disbursement of resources is balanced against the benefits gained.

Why a Corrosion Management Program Benefits You

Lack of proper metrics and corrosion management can lead to improper allocation of budget resources. As mentioned recently in ACTT’s executive briefing (https://advancedcorrosion.com/strategic-inspections-executive-briefing/), performance benchmarks are critical in your maintenance program because they allow you to measure the performance of your inspection team and program. Although quantifying the impact of your inspection program can prove to be difficult, past project reviews and a strategic partner can help you determine the right maintenance program for your facility.

The ACTT Strategic Approach to Your Corrosion Management Plan:

ACTT cultivates a unique partnership from the ground up to ensure your inspection needs are met strategically and efficiently.
1) Kickoff Meeting – Helps to engage those who will be involved in the project.
2) Asset Review – Streamlines productivity and ensures proper documentation and reporting on equipment.
3) Reporting and System Analysis– Review all reporting to create system/report recommendations and strategic plans.
4) Strategic Recommendations – A customized approach created from the reviews above, allowing for the highest quality inspection program.
5) Budget and Staffing Plan – A collaborative effort to create a staffing plan, schedule, and budget all strategically created to fit your needs.
6) Performance Measurements – Customized performance management strategy is created to monitor the success of the inspection strategy.

ACTT works to integrate leading corrosion technology with organizational management systems to optimize each strategy uniquely. Speak to one of our corrosion experts today to get started creating the best strategic approach for you.