Phased Array

Phased Array technology produces an ultrasonic beam with the capability of setting beam parameters such as angle, focal distance, and focal point size through computer-controlled excitation. Phased Array provides sharper detection capability and can display several presentations concurrently.  Phased Array applications include angle beam inspection primarily used for weld inspection, Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) for detection and sizing of defects and the ability to more readily inspect intricate geometries. For weld inspection Phased Array increases the likelihood of detection by offering the inspector additional tools to visualize the reflectors and their position within the weld. The ability to record the weld scans also allows us to utilize phased array for many projects that are constructed to ASME Code requirements.


Advantages of Phased Array:
• Determine flaws throughout the entire material thickness
• may be used with access to only one surface
• Determine acceptance or rejection of a test object based on a reference code or standard
• Provide instant and accurate results
• Detect surface breaking and internal imperfections
• Measure material thickness

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