Comprehensive Assessments

Uncovering Gaps and Aligning Organizational
Needs for Maximum Performance

Our strategic partner relationships start with a unique comprehensive assessment that ensures our team can get up to speed on your business gaps, needs, and challenges quickly. This assessment process is designed to ensure there is strategic alignment between our leadership and yours – that we are all moving toward and measuring the same goals and objectives. Once complete, our team continues to report, update, and adjust strategies with your leadership to achieve the best results.

Initial Kick-Off Meeting

We work with your management team to set up a kick off and introduction meeting to engage employees and leaders from multiple departments, from engineering to operations, who will be involved in the engagement, outcomes, and objectives.

Asset Review

Our team reviews all assets including pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping, storage tanks, valves, pressure relieving devices, boilers, furnaces/heaters, and structures to ensure streamlined documentation and reporting on all fixed equipment.

Reporting & System Analysis

We review all manual and digital reporting related to integrity management including session results, repair records, historical data, inspection records, and notes for all fixed assets to create system/report recommendations and strategic plans.

Strategic Recommendations

Once our team has reviewed all site and asset-level data, we can make strategic recommendations using our completely customized approach. This allows us to design plans and strategies for your organization to ensure the highest quality inspection program.

Budget and Staffing Plan

Based on our strategic planning and recommendations, we collaborate with your leadership to create the staffing plan, schedule, and budget that will ensure a proactive and strategic approach to your company’s inspection management program.

Performance Measurements

Our team uses the plans and reporting created to design a customized performance management strategy to monitor the success and performance of our proactive inspection strategy and, ultimately, our engagement with your company.

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