Exceptional Talent

Recruiting, Retaining, and Developing Experts in Inspection Technology

Advanced Corrosion Technologies & Training is taking an innovative approach to hiring and assessing specific individuals based on the demands of a job. Candidates undergo a comprehensive online interview customized for the specific considerations of the job. When a candidate passes this interview they are then selected for further screening. Pre-employment tests offer wide ranging benefits that not only streamline the hiring process, but also strengthen an organization, ensuring alignment between the selection process and desired outcomes customized to each client.

The Perfect Match for Your Job

• Comprehensive Candidate Screening

• Technical Knowledge and Experience Screening

• Experience, Technical Skill, and Performance Training

• Customized Key Performance Indicators

• Performance Tracking and Monitoring

• Client-Specific Training and Management

• Optimization to Your Processes and Systems

Developing and Training Talent for Retention and Long-Term Growth

Once we’ve hired the right talent, it’s our mission to educate, train, and develop each member of our team to help them achieve their fullest potential. Our comprehensive performance management and training system allows us to create customized training paths for each role in our organization that team members can use to train, earn badges, improve their skills, and increase pay.

Quality, Innovation & Service from One Company

We are the quality NDT Inspection Company that provides superior NDT Services!
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Advanced Corrosion Technologies and Training has quickly become one of the fastest growing Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Service Companies around.