Laser (Creaform) Test

Using triangulation and binocular vision, the Advanced Laser 3D scanner can actually self-position to a unique dynamic referencing system on the test piece, which ensures high measurement repeatability and accuracy. The resulting 3D scan is perfectly scaled to be representative of the real 3D geometry and allows easy visualization of surface defects.

Along with real-time 3D imaging, precise corrosion size and depth measurements can be plugged into the Pipe check software to run instant B31g calculations.



  • 3D modeling for new and retro fit construction
  • 3D laser mapping of corrosion
  • Pipe & vessel corrosion assessments
  • Pipe & vessel mechanical damage assessments
  • Pipe check integrity assessment software
  • Storage tank inspection strappings, settlement, etc.
  • Reverse engineering
  • Pit depth gauge of large areas not normally accessible with manual techniques


  • Advanced real-time reporting capabilities
  • Portable, fast, and accurate
  • Un-paralleled degree of accuracy
  • Ability to create complex shapes and geometry
  • 3D Imaging

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