Bracelet Probe Technology

Advanced Corrosion Technologies & Training is proud to introduce the next in a long line of advanced corrosion detection tools, the Bracelet Probe. The Bracelet Probe is a revolutionary electromagnetic NDE inspection technique for detection of external corrosion in pipes, vessels and tanks with coating, fireproofing and/or insulation.

Inspections can be performed in-service without interruption and without removal of insulation and fireproofing. The rapid inspection is performed from the exterior of the insulation or fireproofing with our innovative and specially designed scanners. A single scanner can fit a wide range of pipe diameters and vessel sizes. The technique is sensitive to both isolated and general corrosion. Test data is presented in both strip charts and real-time color maps.


  • Flexibility of one probe for many applications
  • Condition assessment with or without insulation and/or fireproofing removal
  • True in-service NDE inspection technique
  • Portable
  • Rapid Scanning
  • Up to 100% coverage
  • Encoded mapping of result
  • Repeatable
  • Test data is presented in strip charts and real time color maps

For Detection Of:

  • Near & Far Surface Wall Loss
  • Isolated & General Corrosion
  • Weld Location
  • General Thinning


  • CUF (Corrosion Under Fireproofing)
  • CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation)
  • Pipe, Vessels & Tanks
  • Wrapped pipe inspection
  • Rubber & Fiberglass lined tank floors

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