Computed/Digital Radiography

Advanced Radiographic Technologies, a division of ACTT offers Radiographic of all materials and components. One of the greatest benefits of radiography is it can be used to examine almost any material to reveal critical discontinuities that may be located on the surface, embedded in the weld or material. 

Along with the latest technology and services provided to our clients, Computed Radiography leads the industry by eliminating typical RT film, manual wet processing and all the associated handling and storage needs of conventional radiographic fild. Computed Radiography (CRT) meets or exceeds all current construction and fabrication codes, while providing enhanced results in a much faster, easy to handle format. CRT can be conducted with a large number of radiographic isotopes and/or X-Ray tubes of varying KV power sources to meet individual client needs. Our staff of qualified and certified professional radiographers operates within strict safety parameters and produces high quality images. 

Advantages of Computed Radiography (CR):

  • Can be used to inspect virtually all components
  • Can be used to inspect components in service with minimal preparation required
  • Can be used on virtually any size item
  • Detects surface and subsurface defects
  • Ability to inspect complex shapes and multi-layered structures without disassembly


Industries leveraging this technology include Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Commercial, Fabrication Shops, Pharmaceutical, Pipeline Operators, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, and Welding Contractors.

Common Materials
ACTT provides conventional radiography and computed digital radiography for materials including steel, steel structures, castings, pipelines, structures, welds, concrete, forgings, and mental.

Applications including boiler tubes, valve castings, pipelines, structures, weld inspections, weld certifications, concrete, aircraft structures, components, tank inspections, and more.





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