Advanced Short-Range Guided Wave

Guided Wave is a technique which uses low frequency sound waves to flood thin wall material and then reflect back at interfaces such as cracking or corrosion/pitting. The guided wave technique is to be used as a screening tool only as remaining wall thickness measurements cannot be achieved. However, reflection distance can be measured with precise accuracy.

Advanced Short Range Guided Wave (ASRGW) is a special designed guided wave Ultrasound tool that produces a high resolution real time color image of internal/ external corrosion up to four feet from transducer. Imaging of tanks, vessels and piping allows for an inspection of normally inaccessible areas. For the first time, users can immediately see a complete picture of the inaccessible area being inspected.

This technique allows for much higher sensitivity & resolution than standard long range guided wave systems. Advanced Short Range Guided Wave not only detects corrosion but has capabilities to map, size and quantify results. Technicians can see corrosion problems on the spot and generate a comprehensive data and visual representation of the problem.

Advantages of Guided Wave Testing

  • Real-time corrosion mapping
  • Reliable and repeatable
  • High speed corrosion screening
  • Fast and easy set up
  • Greater accuracy then conventional LRUT
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Can be used on Alloys, composites and other exotic materials
  • Can inspect thin & thick materials
  • Incremented scans for flaw location
  • Stitch multiple scans together of large areas
  • Map corrosion for future monitoring or repair


  • Inspect Inaccessible areas
    • Soil to air interface
    • Composite repairs
    • Vessel saddles
    • Pipe hangers
    • Repair clamps
    • Wear pads
    • Beneath repads
  • Tanks floor critical zone inspection from outer chime while in service

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