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      Turnaround Inspections are a critical component in maintaining a reliable and profitable facility. We realize the importance of highly trained, certified, and qualified inspectors in the distinctive area of inspection. ACTT’s approach to turnarounds is unique. We provide the client with all the necessary resources needed to perform a successful turnaround through the use of our Advanced Turnaround Group (ATG). From consulting and pre-turnaround work to reporting and documentation, our experienced team can provide the client with expertise in all phases of a turnaround.

The planning of the turnaround is one of the most important steps in having a successful turnaround. The ATG has an experienced team of inspectors and planners to assist the client in the planning stage. We staff all inspection crafts necessary to plan any size turnaround.

During Turnaround
The next step in a successful turnaround is having certified, qualified, and knowledgeable inspectors. The ATG provides these key personnel on every job. We staff inspectors with API, AWS, and ASNT certifications. This allows a “one stop shop” for the client and reduced cost and time spent on acquiring outside resources.

The final major step for any successful turnaround is the post-turnaround work and documentation. The ATG provides the client with the resources necessary to ensure all inspection activities are properly updated and documented. We can assist in Pre-Startup Audits, updating existing mechanical integrity programs, participating in post-turnaround reviews, and providing AutoCad and 3D drawings.




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