Mechanical Integrity Inspection


Mechanical Integrity is the process of ensuring that equipment is safe to operate now and in the future. ACTT works with clients to design a mechanical integrity program to the appropriate level of detail. We utilize risk-based requirements and establishes a framework for the prioritization of mechanical integrity activities. Risk-based inspection (RBI) is a systematic process for factoring risk into mechanical decisions concerning how, where, and when to inspect a process plant. ACTT management has been involved in Mechanical Integrity Implementation programs since 2002 and over 30 years combined.

We have successfully assisted our clients in setting up these types of programs for Mechanical Integrity:

  • Pressure vessels
  • Control devices and pumps
  • Piping systems
  • Injection/Mix Points
  • Pipelines
  • Relief valves
  • Emergency shutdown systems
  • Storage Tanks
  • Programs for on-stream inspection sand Turnarounds
  • RBI Programs
  • API Programs

Our data acquisition inspection team is experienced in interfacing with all typed of computerized systems and we have been involved in Writing Procedures, Inspection and Project Management; all of which are part of our Mechanical Integrity Program.


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