On Stream Inspections

On-Stream Inspection (OSI) is performed on equipment while it is onstream or in service to establish the suitability of the pressure boundary for continued operation.

ACTT provides services that can assist with API & all Inspection Code compliance. Whether maintaining your existing inspection program or establishing a new comprehensive program, ACTT has the certified personnel to satisfy your requirements. Additionally, ACTT can aid in acquiring data for the mechanical integrity requirements of your Process Safety Management program.

ACTT services include performing the visual, ultrasonic and radiography surveys and calculating corrosion rates and predictive life cycles. Along with our comprehensive written procedures, ACTT requires all of our technicians to go through extensive training to maintain current industry certifications. When our technicians arrive onsite, they immediately begin to collect and organize the statistical data so that it can be processed and provided to the owner in a detailed and proficient manner.


Methods of On-Stream Inspection

    • API and CWI Inspection
    • High Temperature Surveys 
    • Advanced and Conventional NDE
    • Code Compliance Inspections
    • Conventional and Advanced NDE Inspections

Advantages of On-Stream Inspection

    • Maximizing reliability, availability, maintainability of equipment
    • Enhancing plant performance and profit
    • Improves safety and reduces risk
    • Reduction in maintenance and inspection cost
    • Improving personnel safety and performance
    • TML/CML optimization

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