Pipeline Inspections

Pipeline Integrity Management is understanding and operating pipelines in a safe, reliable manner. Pipeline programs are systems that consider all stages of the pipeline life cycle, from conception, to engineering and design, construction, operation, inspection, and finally to repair/replacement when necessary. ACTT had experts with extensive experience in developing weld procedure and integrity plans, and is a leading supplier of failure analysis for the pipeline industry.

Our difference in our commitment to reliability: qualified, certified and capable technicians; using properly calibrated equipment; following current and correct procedures; working efficiently and safely everyday

Methods of Pipeline Integrity Management:

  • Direct Assessment
  • Pipeline integrity and management program
  • Inline inspection
  • On-Stream Inspection (OSI)
  • Data management
  • Construction management inspections
  • Rate of leakage measurements
  • QA/QC

Services Offered

  • Remote visual inspection using drones and robotics
  • Project management and supervision
  • Cathodic Protection Surveys
  • Buried Pipe Location
  • Laser Corrosion Mapping (creaform)
  • B31G calculations
  • ASNT Level II & III NDE inspections
  • Dig site verification 
  • Coating inspections
  • Point of Contact inspections (hangers, pipe supports, etc.)

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