Positive Material Identification


PMI (Positive Material Identification) testing is the analysis of materials to determine the chemical composition. Knowing the exact composition and grade of an alloy enables suppliers, plant workers, and other responsible parties to match alloy specifications. Techniques and methods deployed include Portable X-Ray Flourescene (XRF), Optimal Emission Spectroscopy (OES), Ferrite Testing, and Hardness Testing.

Having the right alloy in the right place is essential in places like petroleum refineries and chemical plants, because the right alloy with the right properties is often all that stands between a safe, efficient operation and lost time and revenue.

The Advanced Retro PMI inspection program is utilized as a multi-feature system minimizing the amount of insulation and scaffolding needed, while identifying, documenting, and verifying material specifications.

    Advantages of PMI (Positive Material Identification)

    • Rapid and accurate analysis
    • Determines material composition
    • Leaves no trace of testing on test sample

    Advanced PMI Services

    • Ensures proper material types are in place
    • Identify material specifications
    • Determine non-conformance chemistries
    • Label components on isometrics in ACAD with real time reporting
    • Customized QA/QC reporting software
    • Document findings in client approved format

    Advanced Retro PMI Services

    • Identify systems to be inspected
    • Identify and verify material specifications
    • Perform RBI to deretmine order of approach
    • Can test pipes and vessels up to 1000F
    • Determine non-conformance chemistries
    • Update/Revise specs and spec breaks on P&IDs and ISOs
    • Coordinate craft support
    • Locate hidden welds under insulation
    • Priced per shot
    • Rope access can limit scaffold insulation removal


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